Des Sons Venus de Nulle Part

Short experimental film 2015, 5:15 min, HD color 16:9

If you are interested to see the film write me using the contact form and receive the password

• Official selection for NanoCon International Film Festival (NIFF), Longview, Washington D.C.
• Shortlisted for Riccardo Prina Prize, Triennale Design Museum, Palazzo dell'Arte, Milan, Italy
• Exhibited at Galleria Ghiggini, Varese, Italy (oct 2014)
• Shortlisted for The Things One Sees in the Sky Fotografia Europea, Reggio Emilia, Italy
• Shortlisted for Rock your Dummy! Le Photobookfest, L'Ancienne Imprimerie/ Picture Tank, Paris, France

Written and directed by Valentina Ghiringhelli
Music by Paul Bart
Editing, Photography and Effects: Valentina Ghiringhelli

E = mc2
The equation formulated by Einstein in 1905 proves that matter and energy are not separate but different combinations of the same thing: meaning that energy contained in matter is equal to the mass of the matter multiplied by the square speed of light.
The sub-atomic units of matter have a dual feature:

- Corpuscular (Particles with mass)
- Undulatory

Light is an alternating electromagnetic field that moves in space in the form of waves; it’s the only visible part of electromagnetic radiations.
Modern physics represent matter not as passive and inert, but rather as in a continuous state of vibration, whose structure tends towards an equilibrium position with a regular distribution, rhythmically ordered in the plane of space.

Some studies have revealed that in nature, growth starts from basic geometric shapes, such as a triangle, square and circle, and according to a logarithmic spiral progression.
These geometric shapes are also the basis of the chromatic chords described by Itten and, as Kandinsky declared, they represent the three primary colours: red, yellow and blue.

Colours, derived from the decomposition of white light, are undulatory phenomena with their own specific frequency measured in Hz

Sound waves propagate according to the same principles of light. These principles were made visible thanks to the experiments of the musician and physicist Ernst Chladni: by making metal plates sprinkled with fine sand vibrate, curious geometric shapes were generated, based on transmitted frequency.
Blind people are extraordinary receivers of vibrations: every blind person has a favourite colour, brought about by their feelings or past memories.

There is a deep interconnection among all things, the intricate and subtle way in which everything is structured, a complex net of relationships among the various parts of the


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